Hi! I'm Ammar Haq

I like to make things do stuff 🚀

Whether it's on the web, mobile or your ancient Windows Vista computer that you forgot you had, my goal is to create elegant applications that solve problems.

Also, I'm a fan of peanut butter ( crunchy > smooth).

My ( many) interests 📚

Besides tech and breakfast, I have an affinity for all things related to business, finance, sales and growth marketing ( say that three times fast).

Click here to see some of the things I've been working on.

Let's talk📞

If you're working on a project, have a background in any of these fields (or enjoy a poor sense of humor), I'd love to get in touch.

Feel free to select any of the highly retro icons at the bottom of the page to shoot me an email or schedule a time to talk.

Thanks for making it this far, you dropped this 👑